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Ana Mustafá is a third-generation Colombian coffee producer. Her grandfather had a saying, “Majitos solo quieren Yarumo sin hormiga,” roughly, “You only want the Yarumo without the ants” (Yarumo, prized by Colombian farmers as a fast-growing shade tree, always harbors pesky ants). In other words, nothing worth doing is easy, and for Ana this coffee is indeed a labor of love.

Mustafá is a result of innovative but labor-intensive processing, resting in-husk for up to 48 hours, followed by 24 hours of further fermentation after depulping. The results are sweet, velvety, and balanced. This is also Krankies second release in cooperation with our friends at La Real Expedición Botánica.
Origin: Colombia
Region: Risaralda
Variety: Castillo
Altitude: 1550-1650 masl
Process: Double fermentation washed, semi-shaded drying
Key Flavors: Almond, Milk Chocolate, Melon