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Ethiopia Sidama Ardi
Ethiopia Sidama Ardi

Ethiopia Sidama Ardi


Ardi takes its name from a relatively complete Ardipithecus ramidus fossil skeleton unearthed in Ethiopia in 1994, a female nicknamed simply "Ardi."

The name is especially fitting, as Ardi is believed to be one of the earliest human ancestors on record, and legend holds that the coffee plant was first discovered in Ethiopia.

Krankies is proud to present this standout offering from the birthplace of both coffee and humanity, roasted light to emphasize its delicate floral notes and fruity acidity.

ORIGIN: Ethiopia
REGION: Guji, Sidama
VARIETY: Heirloom
ALTITUDE: 2101 masl
HARVEST: December-February
KEY FLAVORS: Lemongrass, Black Tea, Tropical Fruit