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Shape Shifter
Shape Shifter

Shape Shifter



Shape Shifter is Krankies’ ongoing coffee mad science experiment. The name pays homage to our building’s history, the almost lycanthropic transformation of a disused meat packing facility into the music and art cooperative formerly known as The Werehouse. Much as our home base and surrounding neighborhood have undergone changes by turns functional and freakish, Shape Shifter is always changing with the seasons into something new and unexpected.

UPDATED 7/15/19

Barrel-Aged Colombia Finca Santana

In our continuing series of collaborations with Wise Man Brewing, half of this coffee has been aged four weeks in California red wine barrels before roasting, while the other half has aged five weeks in Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels. The staggered aging periods are an homage to the layered-washed processing unique to Colombia Santana. Look for notes of brandy, cherry, and dark chocolate.

Origin: Colombia
Region: Eastern Cauca
Variety: Castillo Tambo
Altitude: 1670-1780 masl
Process: Layered Washed, Closed Fermentation