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Gerardo Meneses

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Now in his nineties, it almost feels like an understatement to call Don Gerardo Meneses a veteran caficultor. Still, the accumulated wisdom and experience he brings to growing and processing coffee is something you can’t help but taste.

Courtesy of our friends at La Real Expedición Botánica, Don Gerardo’s 2019 crop is one of the most beautiful coffees with which we’ve had the pleasure of working. Hitting the palate with a bright, citrusy acidity, its velvety body gradually dissipates to a dry, winey finish. Along the way, you’ll encounter hints of orange blossom, smooth milk chocolate, and caramel, with a pronounced hazelnut aftertaste.

Origin: Colombia
Region: Northern Nariño
Varieties: Colombia, Castillo
Altitude: 1650 masl
Process: Washed, 24 hr. fermentation, Patio dried
Key Flavors: Milk Chocolate, Orange, Hazelnut


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